When another boiler installer in Glasgow does a bad job, we get called in to fix it.

A customer in Inverclyde had used a local Glasgow Boiler Installer to fit a brand new Ideal Boiler for their home. Ideal Boilers are one of the 'top' range of boiler brands. The actual combi boiler had not been installed properly and was incredibly wobbly and loose fitting to the wall. The combi boiler was not installed properly, it was loose fitting and therefore deemed unsafe.

The flue was not sealed properly and the thermostat receiver had simply been left lying on the worktop. Not to mention the pipework was an eyesore

a badly installed boiler


What we did to fix the problem


We sealed the flue correctly, mounted the thermostat receiver onto the wall and fixed the pipe work underneath the boiler.

An Ideal Boiler is one of the best brands out there so you expect your boiler to be installed in the same manner. Sadly however, while there are plenty of boiler installers in and around Glasgow and Renfrewshire, there are not as many who pride themselves on their quality of work.

That is why our tagline is 'Gas done the Wright way'. Because a job is not done until it is done properly.


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