Boiler Repair Case Study

Boiler Repair in Bridge of Weir


We were called by a new customer who had a Vokera boiler. The boiler had been making some strange noises for a couple of months and had finally given up on them. We agreed a time to conduct a visit and inspect the problem. Vokera Boilers are on the lower end of the price point and naturally, because of this, they can suffer from a lower reliability rate than other boilers like a Baxi or Worcester.

However this time, it wasn't atually the boiler fault. It was actually cased by iron oxide build up within the radiators. It has caused the boiler to have to work extra hard to try and pump the hot water now thick with a sludgy iron oxide mix around the homes central heating radiators. This iron oxide was caused by old radiators that did not have a protective coating.

Once we had diagnosed the problem, we set about working on fixing it. We drained the radiator system before introducing an additive to help prevent it from happening again. We also installed a magnetic filtering system that can then be cleaned with every boiler service that we carry out for the customer in the future. The boiler was given a check over and damaged parts caused by the iron oxide were replaced.

The end result was a healthy running boler with a clean radiator system. The client was delighted with the results.

New Boiler Install

There comes a time when all boilers have to be retired and for our customer in Kilmalcolm, the time had come to replace their old, noisy and inefficient boiler.

They called WrightGas because they had seen us on Facebook and liked the recommendations that we have received from some of their friends. Because they live in an older sandstone home, we asked to inspect the property to make sure that we could provide an accurate quote. Older buildings can be notoriously difficult as some are older than central heating systems so the way that they have been originally installed can prove difficult for future work. By that we mean that the location of the boiler then may not be legally allowed now. Luckily for this customer, the actual boiler position meant we could do a simple swap without having to worry about repositioning the entire system. One thing we did notice was that the heating pipes that connected all of the radiators in the ground floor were running an older and larger pipe diameter. It simply meant that the boiler was heating a lot more hot water to pump around the system than it needed to. We informed the customer of this and left it up to them to decide if they wanted to change it. Recognising the heating benefits and reduced energy consumption of new pipes, they went for this change as well.

As a Baxi approved boiler installer, we obviously included a price for a new Baxi boiler as well as costs for a selection of other boiler brands because we always want our customers to get what is best for them.

The new boier was installed and set up with minimal issue and the owner was delighted with the results. The main thing they love is that, with the new boiler, it runs so much quieter than the old one which is an added bonus because the boiler is located in a cupboard in the kitchen.