On this page, we aim to try and answer as many of the questions that we usually get asked on a day to day basis as possible.

We want our customers to know more about what we do to fix a broken boiler and why boiler servicing is so important. We also want our customers to feel relaxed in what kind of service they will get from WrightGas and what common problems can cause a boiler to break down. We are constantly adding new content to this page so feel free to come back soon for more useful information on WrightGas and our boiler repair, servicing and new boiler install services.

10 common reasons why your boiler breaks down

Find out the most common problems that a non serviced boiler can experience.

Common boiler problems
Frequently asked questions about a new boiler install

We answer your questions about what to expect with a new boiler install

FAQs about new boiler install
What exactly is a condensing boiler and how does it work?

We answer your questions about what to expect with a new boiler install

Condensing Boiler Info


How much does a boiler service cost?

Thinking of getting your boiler serviced and want to know how much it costs?

Boiler Servicing Cost
Reasons why a boiler breaks down

Why do boilers break down? Here are some reasons why.

Boiler breakdown reasons
What brand of boiler should I choose?

Thinking of a new boiler and want to know which brand is best?

Boiler Brands


What size of boiler do I need?

Boiler size matters. Here we explain why.

Combi Boiler Sizes
Tips to keep your home warm this winter.

From moving the couch to thicker curtains.

Heating Tips
Where does your home loose its heat?

From the roof to your windows. Where does it go?

Useful Info


5 Reasons to have your boiler serviced

From safety to lower gas bills.

Boiler Servicing
What to do when your hot water stops

Simple checks you can do before you call us.

Heating Advise
What is a combi boiler?

And how does it work?

Combi Boiler FAQs